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Hello, my name is Alexey and this is my personal page. I am a software developer interested mostly in mobile and web development. Here you can find some "projects" on which I was or currently working on.

  1. XMPPaste - It's a simple web service for saving your pastes using any XMPP client (Jabber, GTalk, etc). (Development suspended)
  2. CCardStats - Credit card stats - Simple application for Android to gather statistic about your credit card from SMS notifications. Currently supports Sberbank. Source
  3. LastFMEventFinder - A simple page for searching artists events on for specified period, city, country. Source
  4. Mafia game - It's a simple page which can be usefull for whose who like to playing role game Mafia. It provides easy management of players and time spent. Source
  5. Music calendar - Service to stay notified about upcoming musical releases. Provides calendar, RSS and web API. (Development suspended)
  6. musicpie - Service for creating piechart with your music statistic from (Development suspended)

Some of my other activity:

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